The Story Behind the Brand

Blessings In Disguise is a lifestyle brand of meaningful handcrafted jewelry and lifestyle products. 
Our creations aim to bridge symbolic history into modern pieces: a true interplay of symbolism, meaning, sprinkled with a modern twist.
After designing & launching the "100th Year Anniversary Collection" for The Titanic Exhibit in Dublin, Las Vegas, & New York, our brand's founder discovered a passion for transforming hundreds of collected relics & objects into special pieces that would be cherished again. 
During her world travels, Melissa veted antiquities, authentic coins, religious medals and countless good luck findings... with the purpose to simply "save them."  She was struck by their deep history, beauty, detail, and artistry... most of which had been handed-down from one generation to another.
These worn objects, treasures, religious items, & once-loved pieces became the foundation for our company, Blessings In Disguise.
"I am passionate about breathing new life into something important and meaningful, so that it may be loved all over again," describes Melissa.
We also accept commission work.  Feel free to contact us directly.
100% Handcrafted in USA